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The Dooars or Duars are the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in North-East India around Bhutan. Duar means ‘door’ and the region forms the gateway to Bhutan from India. There are 18 passages or gateways through which the Bhutanese people can communicate with the people living in the plains. This region is divided by the Sankosh River into the Eastern and the Western Dooars. The Western Dooars is known as the Bengal Dooars and the Eastern Dooars as the Assam Dooars. Dooars is synonymous with the term Terai used in Nepal and northern India and forms the only nitrate-rich plain in India.


A journey through the rolling hill slopes, widespread lush green tea gardens separated by meandering silvery mountain streams, high Sal forests, small quiet ethnic villages, vast meadows with a blue outline of the great Himalayan ranges in the horizon, endless sky….. you are in Dooars!

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Dooars has carved out its fame for the amazing wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. You can see wild elephants, one-horned rhinos, bison, leopards, several species of deer, snakes, wild boars and many other animals as well as many types of birds including lots of peacocks in these dense forests.


Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary


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