• Alipurduar District, West Bengal, India
  • 26.7551° N, 89.5803° E
  • 5-21 °C Nov-Feb, 16-29 °C Mar-Apr and 18-35 °C May-Oct
  • mid-May to mid-Oct and average annual rainfall is 382 cm.
  • INR
  • Bengali, Hindi, Nepali

General Information About Bhutanghat and Raimatang

Bhutanghat is 45 km distance from Alipurduar in West Bengal is located near the Bhutan border. The name Bhutanghat is known for its scenic beauty and the swiftly flowing River Raidak. Basically, Bhutanghat is located in a mountainous landscape, fringed by hills and covered with elegant green forest. There is a 1904 forest bungalow close to the Riverbank but it is best to stay here during monsoon or just after the rains. Most of the tourist visit here only during the day time and before nightfall they return towards their base in Alipurduar, Jayanti, Rajabhatkhawa buxa and other places in the evening. Bhutanghat is an ideal tourist destination for adventurous nature lover tourist and is often serves as an elephant corridor. It is also known to be an extension of the Buxa Tiger Reserve. Bhutanghat is popular for endangered species of animals like tiger, rhinoceros, elephant and other animals include different types of deer, bison, birds and reptiles. The river Raidak itself is the main way for exciting bird watching where tourist can see different species of birds else their melodious note. Bhutanghat road is well connected by roads to rest of India and NH31 is the main high way of the area known for its scenic beauty and pleasing environs. The trekking towards Bhutanghat from Raimatang is quite interesting as there is more chance to see lots of environs activities.

Nestled amidst the lush green forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve, 45km from Alipurduar is a quaint forest village in the western Buxa area in the dooars region called Raimatang. In the past few years, Raimatang has gained its prominence in the field of Dooars tourism for being a scenically blessed forest village. Sited along the meandering river Raimatang inside Buxa forest, far from the hustle and bustle, Raimatang is surrounded by lush tea gardens and lofty hills, the sight of which has lured travellers towards Raimatang. The unique location of Raimatang has made it a favoured offbeat destination of North Bengal.

Best Time to Visit Bhutanghat and Raimatang

Each season has its own charm in Bhutanghat but to witness the beauty of Bhutanghat at its prime stage monsoon season mid-June-mid September is considered the best time to visit Bhutanghat when the forest is covered with the vibrant emerald colour and bursting with life.