Bara Mangwa & Chota Mangwa


Getting a panoramic view of nature’s magnificence is a blessing and something that enlightens the inner glory of our soul.
Bara Mangwa and Chota Mangwa – the two remarkable villages of Darjeeling obtain a lot of tourists from the many corners of the nation. The magnificent nature’s view available from here is hard to capture on the rolls. Whether you talk about the environment or the hospitality of the locals or the view of nature, everything about this place compels guests to spend an unforgettable part of their life on the hilltop.
Bara Mangwa village is gaining fame as a calm tourist destination along with Chota Mangwa and Tinchuley. A mountain slope, famous for the Orange Orchard, Bara Mangwais established atop Darjeeling Hills near the western side of the Kalimpong hills in the Teesta Valley, with a wonderful view of the convergence of Teesta and Rangeet Rivers on one side and with Kalimpong Hills on the other side is Bara Mangwa. At a driving distance of about 30 minutes from Bara Mangwa is Chota Mangwa, an eco-tourism village, where the farmers mainly practice organic farming in terrace cultivation. Oranges are mainly cultivated here, covering the entire village with an orange hue during the blooming season from October to February. Besides oranges, lemons are also cultivated in Chota Mangwa.

Bara Mangwa: The beautiful location

A mountain slope situated on top of the Darjeeling Hills along the west of the Kalimpong Hills offers a remarkable view of the convergence of the famous Rangeet and Teesta Rivers. Being located on hilltop and Kalimpong hills on its opposite side, Bara Mangwa has become a destination for nature lovers and photographers. This tiny village includes of some of the adjoining farms along with uncountable orange orchards. In the ripping seasons, you can find an assembly of Himalayan birds and which is worth capture in the reels.
The heavenly view of the systematically placed hills surrounded with blue sky from Bara Mangwa makes it a place where heaven exists.

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Chota Mangwa: The Magnificent Place

The unforgettable view of Kanchenjunga and River Teesta from Chota Mangwa makes it a place for travellers and photographers. The giant hills seem to be painted one after another and the golden summit of Kanchenjunga with clouds on both the sides and sunrays gives it a golden colour, the view never fails to mesmerize you. You can stay in the same place and watch the splendour of nature for hours.
Even the most skilled artists will fail to sketch such magnificent scenery with Kanchenjunga on its backdrop.

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