Why visit Dooars during the Durga Puja Vacation?

In North Bengal, Durga puja is celebrated for the victory of the goddess Durga over the evil demon. From exploring the beauty of Goddess Durga to Shopping and visiting the beautiful sites in North Bengal, the Dooars is one of the most Beautiful and Magical places. The time of Puja season is perfect to visit a place like Dooars because the convenience in weather conditions and climate is very suitable for tourism. To be able to feel an attachment as one with nature and to enjoy the beautiful creations of mother nature you just have to visit Dooars.


If you want to experience the delightful magic and mysteries of North Bengal then Dooars is one of them. The lush green tea gardens, the lofty Himalayan peaks, and the thrilling wildlife make this destination a perfect escape for nature and wildlife lovers.

So now the question is, how can you visit Dooars this Durga Puja vacation?

There are very few trains that can directly reach you to Dooars from other places in India. One such popular train is Kanchankanya Express which leaves daily from Kolkata (Sealdah station). It departs from Kolkata at night around 10:30 pm and reaches New Mal Junction (i.e. Malbazar) the next morning around 9:20 am via NJP.


What are the must Visiting places in Dooars?

The Dooars region politically constitutes the plains of the Darjeeling Himalayas, the whole Jalpaiguri district, and the Alipurduar district. Innumerable streams and river flow through these fertile plains from the mountain of Bhutan.

Here are some of the tourist attractions of Dooars –

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