• Chukha District, Dzongkhag, Bhutan
  • 26.8603° N, 89.3938° E
  • 09-20 °C Nov-Feb, 19-21 °C Mar-Apr and 24-20 °C May-Oct
  • mid-May to mid-Oct and average annual rainfall is 4383 mm.
  • The Bhutanese Ngultrum, INR
  • Dzongkha and other Tibetan languages, English, Hindi

General Information About Phuntsholing

Phuentsholing is a border town in southern Bhutan and is the administrative seat (dzongkhag thromde) of Chukha District.
The town occupies parts of both Phuentsholing Gewog and Sampheling Gewog. Phuentsholing lies opposite the Indian town of Jaigon and cross-border trade has resulted in a thriving local economy. For example, the town serves as headquarters for the Bank of Bhutan. In 2005, Phuentsholing had a population of 20,537 and has been growing since.

The small, sweltering border town of Phuentsholing sits opposite the much larger Indian bazaar town of Jaigaon, separated by a flimsy fence and the much-photographed Bhutan Gate. It's a congested, noisy settlement bustling with hordes of traders, security personnel and migrant workers. Coming from India, however, you will notice an instantaneous improvement in municipal cleanliness and organisation.
Unless it's absolutely necessary to halt for the night, you'll find little reason to linger in Phuentsholing apart from clearing immigration. The air here is thick with vehicular pollution and it can get uncomfortably hot and humid in summer. That said, there are a couple of sights to occupy an hour or two and the backstreet bazaars are full of interest.

Best Time To Visit Phuntsholing

Each season has its own charm to relish in Phuentsholing. But last spring (April to May) when the surrounding valley is bursting with the vibrant colour riot of blooming flora and autumn season (October to November) when the weather is pleasant and soothing is considered the best time to visit Phuentsholing.