With an unspoilt land and the mighty Himalayas forming a stunning backdrop, Dooars is a paradise for nature lovers. The minute we think about Dooars, the main thing that comes to our mind is excessive wildlife and calm of the place. Duar means door in Bengali and this region has been aptly named Dooars or Duars as it is the door to Bhutan and North East India. Over the years, Dooars has carved out its fame for the wonderful national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.


In Dooars, you can spot wild elephants, bison, leopards, wild boars, one-horned rhinos, and several species of deer, snakes, as well as many types of birds including lots of peacocks in the dense forests of Dooars. Veined by mighty rivers like Teesta, Torsa, Murti, Jaldhaka, Dyna and Sankosh, the region is blessed with dense forests and exotic wildlife. On the other hand, Dooars is much more than only wildlife. You can visit remarkable valleys and viewpoints. Nature lovers would have an unforgettable time in this region exploring its rich flora and fauna as well as a beautiful landscape. From this place, you can get amazing views of Bhutan and Beautiful Mountain streams of Himalayas.


A Perfect Wildlife And Amazing Sanctuaries Of Dooars

This region has an amazing wild-life, flora and faunas and some interesting sanctuaries. Here is a small list of sanctuaries in Dooars:

Jaldapara National Park: This place is a true heaven for wildlife lover. Jaldapara is enriched with several types of flora and fauna, various kinds of birds. And the main attraction of Jaldapara is Asiatic One-Horned Rhinoceros. [More…]


Buxa Tiger Reserve: This place situated inside Buxa National Park in West Bengal. The Bengal Tiger is the crown of Buxa Tiger Reserves.  [More…]


Chilapata Forest: Chilapata Forest is a close-knit forest near Jaldapara National Park. One of the main attractions is the wrecked “NalrajaGarh”.  [More…]


Gorumara National Park: This place is situated in the Dooars region of the Himalayan foothills. Gorumara Forest is well-known foe One-Horned Rhino. [More…]


Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary: Not too far from Gorumara National Park lies Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, another hidden treasure of Dooars. Chapramari originated from a type of fish (known as ‘Chopra’) that are found in abundance here (‘mari’). [More…]


From the rippling rivulets of Jhalong and the picturesque valleys of Buxa with forests marked by walking trails to the riverbeds at Jaldapara and the lush greenery of Gorumara National Park, these places are a treat for the eyes. These parks, however, remain closed during the monsoon season. Travellers coming to this stunning place around November-December can be a part of Raas Mela which is one of the ancient fairs held here. As per the Bengali calendar, the day of full moon (Purnima) in the month of Kartik marks the beginning of the fair. So plan your trip to this lesser-known gem to create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.


Explore The Region On Foot

The trails and tracks of Dooars are some of the finest in north-east India. Most of them are accessible, so travellers can roam free everywhere here. Dooars is particularly good for those who love the outdoors but don’t want to undertake a difficult journey. After all, this Dooars area is mostly flatland, meaning it has to be a gentle and peaceful adventure.


Wildlife Comes In All Sizes, Shapes And Colours

When you’re out in the lap of nature, you will miracle about the huge diversity of shades and shapes that exist. From the largest, heaving tigers, to the tiniest and brightest tropical birds; wildlife has nothing short to mesmerize you.

Research shows that being close to animals helps a feeling of happiness and it also can reduce tension. In Dooars, you can watch the friendly and pleasant animals, birds around the bow. And this will make you visit this place over and over again.


Savoury Dishes

When it comes to food, trust the Bongs. With the seasons around, a variety of Bengali cuisines can fulfil your taste buds beyond expectations. The local cooks are available wherever you stay and along with it, there are a large number of delightful options available at small food outlets. You must try the authentic Bengali cuisine which includes small fishes from the streams, fresh vegetables and a variety of meat. Other than this, momos, noodles and Thukpas are a must from local Bhutanese outlets. You can even have Bhutanese liquor which is cheap and easily available.


The Wild-Life Creates Beautiful Shapes In The Air And In The Water

The wildlife in Dooars teaches its visitors, something new every single day. It’s unbelievable to see how keen and intelligent animals and other local beings are. It’s a great reminder for mankind that we share this world with them and that they are quite capable and remarkable. You can’t wait to see what they are up to.

Simple and calm, watching wildlife can be similar to seeing an art demonstration. They move with ease and grace through the sky and water. And observing these movements and patterns can be a soothing and pleasant activity. It’s just another reason why you should visit wild-life.


Animals Remind Us To Be Humble

As human beings, we count ourselves as the most powerful creatures on the planet. Yes! We are best in many ways, but what if there is no tools and technology; would we be as skilled as wild animals? It is hard to say. But one thing is sure that viewing wildlife in their area offers us a gentle reminder to be humble about our supremacy and human strength.


Outdoor Activities

If you are not someone who can just eat and enjoy the lovely landscape in Dooars then don’t worry, there are so many activities to make your stay interesting. Activities involve a great deal of trekking through the hills whether in Buxa Fort, Lepchakha village or Mahakal caves. In fact, many travel packages are solely dedicated to trekking. Other than this, forest safaris are quite exciting which are available in many spots. Staying in the Bungalows among the forest, homestays and now, even in caravans are the multiple options available to make your stay pleasing. The couple friendly accommodations are coming up to make the stay more hospitable.


Security and Safety

When it comes to travel, safety tops the list. Dooars is safe indubitably with police patrolling in all the major sites. The hotels and the homestays are supportive and understand looking after the safety of the tourists. So women out there, if you are planning a solo trip, this could be one of the safest places to be in. It is a place that welcomes all, be it aged, retired tourists or the young college folk, everyone’s safety is ensured. Crime and harassments are actually low but still, take preventive measures while travelling for your own sake.


So what are you waiting for, if you are a true explorer of nature then get ready to explore the hidden treasure of this mystic land?

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