You preferably need several visits to experience and feel the entire of Dooars. Your tour plan will depend on how many days you have for your tour, whether you have a dedicated car to get around or planning on point-to-point transfers among the several places, and what you want to do & see in Dooars.


Most traveller’s association jungle safaris (that includes both Jeep and Elephant safaris) and some sightseeing. The tour plan will also depend on which national parks or sanctuaries you want to visit out of so many available in Dooars, or you want to do some in one go.

Remember one thing, if you are staying in a WBFDC lodge of forest department and receiving your safaris organized through the lodge, you need to factor in a lot of time for line up at the ticket counter for the popular national parks like Gorumara and Jaldapara to get tickets for watchtower visits and safaris. The forest department allows restricted entries in the morning and afternoon, and so there are usually long queues at the counter… you may easily spend a few hours for this.

If you have 5 full days in Dooars and have a committed car, you can plan to:

  • – Reach Murti or Lataguri at Gorumara National Park area from NJP, Bagdogra or Malbazar.

  • – Visit 2 or 3 watch towers at Gorumara National Park for animal sighting or alternatively take a Jeep safari here or at adjacent Chapramari forest.

  • – Do sightseeing to places nearby like Jhalong, Paren, Bindu, Samsing, Rocky Island etc.

  • – Then proceed to Jaldapara National Park and take elephant safari or a Jeep safari.

  • – You typically need 2-3 days to book an elephant safari while in Jaldapara because of high demands and limited rides. From Jaldapara you can visit places like Leopard Rescue Center at South Kairbari forest etc and even make a day trip to Phuentsholling in Bhutan

  • – With an added number of days, you can also plan to visit Buxa Tiger Reserve & Jayanti which is little over a one-hour drive from Jaldapara.

Drop your details  How to plan a Dooars tour for extensive itinerary suggestions.

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