• Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, India
  • 26.6679° N, 89.2111° E
  • 11-18 °C Nov-Feb, 20-27 °C Mar-Apr and 23-31 °C May-Oct
  • mid-May to mid-Oct and average annual rainfall is 382 cm.
  • INR
  • Bengali, Hindi, Nepali

General Information About Khairbari

Khayerbari also knew as South Khairbari situated along the banks of River Torsha is a unique nature park of Dooars Region. Located at a distance of 12km from Hasimara Railway Station and 18km from Madarihat, South Khayerbari is a Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre for felines. After the ban on the use of animals in circus forest officials rescued several animals including 11 Royal Bengal Tigers from Olympic Circus. Later, all the 11 Royal Bengal Tiger were transferred in South Khayerbari. Famously known as Leopard and Royal Bengal Tiger Rescue Centre, South Khayerbari has become a prominent attraction for nature lover travelling to Dooars Region. South Khayerbari with its rescued felines and scenic beauty has become one of the favoured tourist attractions in Dooars.

South Khayerbari rescue centre or commonly known as Royal Bengal Tiger & Leopard Rescue Centre got its name after the law was passed against the ban of animals in circus, the forest official rescued several animals which included 11 tigers from the Olympic circus in Hoogly District. Many leopard and cubs recovered from the tea gardens and illicit animal smugglers are also kept in South Khayerbari for various reasons like rehabilitation. At South Khayerbari leopards and tigers are kept in their natural habitat and while helping them cope with their new surroundings. According to forest officials, this is a distinctive attempt unparalleled in the entire North East India. The visitor gets to tour around South Khayerbari and observes the rescued animal at their new home in the battery operated cars. Apart from taking a tour around South Khayerbari visitor can also opt for boating since River Buri Torsa is flowing through the South Khayerbari Nature Park. South Khayerbari also acts like a wild animal research centre at North Bengal. If you are taking a trip to Dooars it is a must visit the place to learn more about the felines kept here for rehabilitation purpose.
A place amidst the nature for the once free willed animals which were forcefully tamed for the mere entertainment purpose, South Khayerbari is the safe haven for rescued animal and it’s a place where you can observe this royal animal and learn more about their natural habitat whilst basking in the beauty of mother nature or just spending you time with your loved ones in the bank of River Buri Torsa.

Best Time To Visit South Khayerbari

South Khayerbari is one of the few places in Dooars region which can be visited throughout the year. Unlike another forested area of Dooars like Gorumara National Park and Jaldapara National Park, South Khayerbari does not remain closed during monsoon season.