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  • Alipurduar District, West Bengal, India
  • 26.7322310° N, 89.4997570° E
  • 5-21 °C Nov-Feb, 16-29 °C Mar-Apr and 18-35 °C May-Oct
  • mid-May to mid-Oct and average annual rainfall is 382 cm.
  • INR
  • Bengali, Hindi, Nepali

General Information About Raimatang

Raimatang is a small forest village on the fringes of the Buxa Tiger Reserve surrounded by towering lush hills of Bhutan. Its attractiveness lies in its mix of forests, hills, rivers and tea gardens. Besides, it is on the western side of Sinchula hills that adds to its solitude. This makes it a perfect getaway for people who love nature, wildlife and want to escape from the din of city life. It is situated in Western Buxa in the Dooars region of the northern part of West Bengal, India. It is around 48 km from Alipurduar city.
In the past few years, Raimatang has gained its prominence in the field of Dooars tourism for being a scenically blessed forest village. Sited along the meandering river Raimatang inside Buxa forest, far from the hustle and bustle, Raimatang is surrounded by lush tea gardens and lofty hills, the sight of which has lured travellers towards Raimatang. The unique location of Raimatang has made it a favoured offbeat destination of North Bengal.
To reach Raimatang, you would have to cross the river bed of Raimatang River. You will also get to see elephants in the forest near the village and an abundance of colourful butterflies. Sometimes on the river bed or in the forest, you can see innumerable butterflies assembled together. A visual treat indeed! Located close to Bhutan border Raimatang is endowed by the rich flora and fauna due to its proximity with the Buxa Tiger Reserve, the sighting of untamed animals is a common occurrence in Raimatang.
Raimatang is a sojourn for nature lovers so if the visitors are looking for tourist interest point in Raimatang they might be disappointed since Raimatang only offers a serene ambience amidst the lap of Mother Nature where they can find nature at its pristine form. Tourist may observe the wildlife and get the panoramic view of the Buxa Tiger Reserve and vast water bed from the watchtower at Raimatang. The journey towards this forest village Raimatang is an unforgettable experience for the tourists. Travelling through the dense rain forest of the Buxa Tiger Reserve and if lucky might even spot some wild animals while crossing the Raimatang River can be a visual treat for the tourists.

Best Time to Visit Raimatang

The beauty of Raimatang can be enjoyed throughout the year but during monsoon season it experiences heavy rainfall and the Buxa National Park remains closed from mid-July to mid-September, so it is advised to avoid the rainy season. To witness an enthralling view of Dooars region and Bhutan hill while trekking to Lepchakha from Raimatang winter season from November to mid-January when the sky remains clear is the best time to visit Raimatang.

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There are many activities in Raimatang which the tourist can partake in like angling in the sparkling river Raimatang, jungle safari in Buxa National Park. Buxa forest is known for housing more than 284 species of birds like greater pied hornbill, ibisbill, migratory goosander, red-stars, wagtails, the rare black-necked crane, migratory common teal, black stork, large whistling teal, minivets, and ferruginous pochards and the proximity of Raimatang with Buxa Forest has made it a birding paradise for avid bird watchers.

If the tourists are feeling more adventurous they might like trekking towards Lepchakha Village which offers an astounding panoramic view of Bhutan hills, lush forested area of Buxa National Park and 12 river streams meandering through Dooars, the amazing vista is sure to leave the tourists to spellbind. To spend a laid back evening, the tourist may take a stroll along the river bed of Raimatang where they might be able to see an enthralling sight of hundreds of colourful butterflies flocking around the river Raimatang while witnessing the sunset over the river amidst the lofty hills a great way to end the blissful day. The nights in Raimatang are peaceful and calm only broken by the hooting of owls and chirping of crickets while the moonlit forest creates a mystical ambience in Raimatang a sight to be cherished for the lifetime.

Raimatang is well connected to the major modes of conveyance. Form Jalpaiguri you can take a bus to this village from Kalchini. From Kalchini, you can take a private vehicle to reach the village. You can also take a bus from Alipurduar.

If you are traveling by train, you have to reach Alipurduar station which is 37 kilometers from Buxa forest. You can hire a taxi from the station. Alternatively, you can fly by air for which the only airport is Bagdogra. People who are traveling by their own car should take the NH-31 to reach Bux through Rajabhatkhawa which is 25 kilometers away from the spot.

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